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How to Bring More New Car Leads Quickly?

There is a stiff competition amongst the auto dealers in different cities of the world in a bid to bring maximum car leads. Increased number of leads mean higher opportunity of conversion and sale of cars. Without the sale of cars, no automotive business can survive. Hence, we see the dealers resorting to various new marketing strategies to attract a greater number of people to their showroom(s). Apart from the age-old ways of advertising on TV and radio and giving adverts in newspapers, business magazines, etc., the dealerships need to maintain their presence online as well. Because of this fact a good number of dealers are seen opening accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. However, just opening an account on these social media sites will not do – to get new car leads, you need to post interesting, attractive content on these web platforms to attract millions of users.

Continuously updating and tracking car leads prove to be a tedious task for many because of which a number of professional organizations have come up offering customized lead generation services to different auto dealers across the world. This type of organizations exists in any town or city. They have a website where you will find a detailed information about their mission and vision. Online customer comments can also be found on such a site which you should scan through to learn about the reputation of the concerned company in the market. They employ advanced technology to generate new car leads in quick time.

These professional companies charge a set fee to offer a result-oriented service. They help a dealer meet its weekly or monthly target. These companies also help to produce special finance auto leads in a hassle-free manner.

A professional lead generator has more than one website ranked high in multiple popular search engines. A potential customer looking to buy a car visits such a website to fill in a form typing their queries and waiting for the receiver to answer the same. The person also needs to put in his personal information which when submitted gets stored in the lead generating company’s database. From the database such potential customers’ details are collected and then calls are made or emails are sent to start up a communication with the lead. Bad leads are removed – these are people who don’t answer to calls or response to emails within the last 48 hours. The quality leads are send to the dealer client to take a call to action. It is now the task of the dealer’s sales team to follow-up with the new car leads to generate sales.

Most of the lead generation organizations use a “lead tracking software” that help them monitor and manage leads in a better way. People keep on coming from multiple sources including from the lead generator’s site, from the landing pages or by seeing the adverts on social media sites or blogs. In a single day, a company can expect thousands of leads coming on its way. Thus, management of the new or used car leads is very essential for the growth of the automotive business.

Remote Control Car Racing Is a Great Hobby for Racing Fans of All Ages

People of all ages find a great way to spend some recreation time without endangering life or limb in remote control car racing. Everyone and anyone can have fun doing this. The first time I got my hands on a model rc car, I couldn’t forget it; it was just a great experience.

Hobby’s are a great way to pass your free time, and there are some that can include the whole family. RC car hobbyists have a whole world of activity all their own; if you like cars you will like the activity that surrounds rc car racing. For some people say there’s nothing like it.

Radio controlled racing can be fun for all ages and sexes of people. Just about everyone can have fun with rc racing cars. This is a hobby that can cost a great deal of money or relatively little, thus rc car racing is a great way to pass the time.

Grandparents will love a gift of a car given to the kids for Christmas or any other occasion, because it’s really a gift for everyone when you do this. You make it a day to play.

There are even local competitions for racing and clubs that people can join to become members. Of course, when you join a club then there are group gatherings and events to go to.

Sometimes you will find photographers at these events for people who want to register their adventures for all times. The kids will want to keep them as well, as a memento of good times with moms and dads.

Depending on how involved you get, you may even plan family reunions around car racing. The good times you have doing this will be remembered forever. Male and female bonding can occur around this social experience, and sometimes even jobs can be generated from it.

Hobbies often cause ancillary interests to occur, and whether you volunteer your time to make these events happen or not, eventually it could become more, perhaps even develop into a job. Lots of volunteer postilions become more permanent for people who are race car enthusiasts.

There are hobby stores that carry nothing but rc cars like the hobby train stores. But most of all there’s a big variety in model cars, collectors and styles. The possibilities are endless in the model car world for these race cars.

Some people even make their travel plans and vacations dependent on when these get together happen and the racing season, which for models can be year round. You might even want to go rv-ing when you go racing. The possibilities are endless.

You might be able to find hotel and travel packages; there is an especially nice track in Orlando Florida that has electrical and water hook up available.

Like trains some adults take these cars very seriously as well, and even build tracks for them. Also, if that’s not enough, there are magazines to enhance your pleasure for racing and collecting. A whole world has been created around this hobby, and it can be an unforgettable adventure if you decide that’s what you like to do. If you try it just once, you won’t be able to quit; it will bring you great joy.

So, if even if you’re retired, have a family, like to race and enjoy free time doing things that will make you happy, toy rc racing is a great hobby. If you have children or grandchildren, its a natural for you to develop this as a way to do things with them. Perhaps the behavior behind such activities might further evolve into go cart racing or motorcycle racing; it often does.

Truth Stranger Than Fiction – Patricia Cornwell’s Day Of Crisis

I usually don’t group my articles under the ‘Relationship’ category, as I write about the correlations of major events and certain key years in the lives of people, usually with a marked public profile, as this makes my research easier to undertake. So this is not another “How to” attract a mate or similar, but rather a very good example of my new theory of life in 12 year cycles, known simply as ‘Life Cycles’.

I study events particularly in the first year of the cycle (ie. ages 12, 24, 36 etc), which is known as the ‘Year of Revolution’ and is meant to equate to a new age/new direction. I often begin with the central mid-life, age of 36, because it equates to major career breakthroughs and contains some of my strongest evidence. So, with the recently deceased author Tom Clancy, it was the year in which his first and most important book The Hunt For Red October found a publisher and got launched. I wrote another article about him very recently.

However, I began to research the life of leading crime author Patricia Cornwell, because I saw her featured on a TV special. As I did so, I realised that she had already begun her writing career a couple of years beforehand, so I didn’t have an easy match between this and the age of 36. However this is life, it sometimes happens; otherwise I’m sure someone else would have jumped on my same observation long before. I had to investigate the period in her life when she was 36 ie. between June 9th, 1992 and June 9th, 1993. I’m a bit like Dr. Kay Scarpetta (Cornwell’s alter ego); I ferret around for evidence. You see my theory owes nothing to the occult, with their totally unprovable notions and lack of case history support.

Cornwell’s life reads a bit like one of her novels. It’s full of disturbed behaviour and angst and crises. Her very success, seems to be built on the back of her own unfortunate upbringing and adjustment issues. She pretty much said the same thing in the TV interview I saw. Anyway, the year of 36, her major ‘Year of Revolution’ features the most dramatic day in her whole life. The day when her life itself hung in the balance. I’m going to, where possible, use her own words to describe events, because this subjective evidence offers the strongest backing.

I am helped in this task by a book called Twisted Triangle, which tells the extraordinary tale of Cornwell’s lesbian love affair with a married FBI agent, by the name of Margo Bennett. Cornwell herself had been abandoned as a child by her father and placed in foster care, as protection from her mentally disturbed mother. She suffered from anorexia as a teenager and was tortured by mood swings. In college she became infatuated with her English professor, whom she pursued and married on graduation, but her true orientation was to lesbianism. Her marriage had broken up in 1989, just before she was about to get published in 1990.

So just how did Cornwell, who by then had become successful, get to meet and fall in love with Margo Bennett? Truth stranger than fiction is about to unfold. Gene and Margo Bennett were known as the ‘golden couple’ in FBI circles, because of their career success. However when they married in 1984 Margo soon got to know about Gene’s dodgy activities, which she reluctantly went along with. He made fraudulent insurance claims along with claiming work allowances he wasn’t entitled to. Their marriage was not a happy one in a number of ways.

She had been involved with a woman before, but had wisely kept that a secret, because he had a violent temper and she was afraid to leave him. In June, 1991 a colleague of Margo’s brought an up-and-coming novelist to the office to learn more about the criminal mind. A year after the initial encounter Cornwell again visited and the pair chatted for hours. Here we are perched at the start of Cornwell’s 36th year. Cornwell pursued her purposefully, with gifts and dinner dates and sensual overtures. Margo describes their first encounter in a most romantic fashion:- ” It was a very special, magical and unique moment.”

No question about it they were deeply in love. Cornwell had found her true feelings reciprocated. This must have been a ‘real high’. Despite still being married, she accompanied Cornwell to literary events. Soon after this she moved to rented accommodation and was going to tell Gene that she wanted a divorce. Meanwhile Gene wasn’t taking this lying down and he began threatening them both. Cornwell admitted to Margo:- “He scares me. I don’t trust him, he’s dangerous.” Then Cornwell began to back away from the relationship.

So this is the web of intrigue that has been spun. It’s now Jan. 1993 and one afternoon Cornwell is sitting, working alone in a rented beach cottage in Malibu, on the screenplay for her fourth novel “Cruel and Unusual”. She is knocking back Bloody Mary’s and then got into her Mercedes Sports car to head to dinner and more drinks with her agent. Driving home she rammed her car into an empty van and flipped it over three times. She was trapped and bleeding and had to be cut free from the wreckage. She received a drink driving conviction, but more than this, she said this brush with death was necessary as the ‘wake up’ call she had to have.

Let’s use her own words here:- “It was a necessary experience. Things were out of control. I was going to live or die. I was going to be bankrupt or I was going to make it.” Now I’m not sure exactly how she got her finances in such a fix, but I do know she had made more than $1 million the previous year and Demi Moore was talking about starring in a movie as Dr. Kay Scarpetta. It was said that because she had grown up poor, that she was not experienced in handling large amounts of money. Come what may, you don’t talk possible bankruptcy lightly, so it would be safe to say she was highly stressed over this..

I do know, however, what her other big emotional crisis was. Margo had told her that she was definitely breaking the relationship off, because she was scared Gene was going to make it public in their divorce case and she would lose custody of her children. Also this publicity wouldn’t have been good for Cornwell. This was 1993 and before the time when Ellen De Generis lost her TV career in 1997 over “coming out” as a lesbian on the cover of Time Magazine.

Cornwell, it could reasonably be said, was stressed out of her mind at the time of the accident. ‘All her chickens were going to come home to roost together’, so to speak. I collect stories of moments like these in people’s ‘Years of Revolution’. Moments when things are in the balance and can go one way or the other. What pulled her out? Again, in her own words:- “I remember thinking, I wasn’t going to go yet. I had to straighten this out.” Yes, the triumph of rising from the ashes can be a real part of this process and I write in my book about just such a journey in the lives in many, in one form or another. I hope you enjoyed this ‘truth stranger than fiction’ story.