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Things to Do in Delhi: Visiting The Delhi Book Fair

If you are a booklover and in Delhi in the month of September, don’t forget to visit the Delhi Book Fair held every year at Pragati Maidan. This is also a Stationery Fair, so not only publishers and booksellers have their wares laid out in the stalls of the exhibition ground, there are several suppliers and manufactures of stationery products also on the same floor vying for attention of the visitors.

How to Go:

Well, the best way, for me, is of course taking the Metro Rail run by DMRC. Because of its huge network, it’s easily accessible from many parts of the city, and Pragati Maidan is a metro station as well, which is located just next to the exhibition ground. You can always take your car, but parking in most places in Delhi is a huge headache. But if you still feel like taking the car, I have a better route to offer, which is how I reached the book fair. Take your car to Connaught Place, and park in the DLF Multi Level Carpark on the Baba Kharag Singh Marg. This is a brand new swanky car park, bang in the middle of the city, and for the initial days, parking here is free!! Since this year’s fair is over today, and most likely you will be making an attempt to visit it next year, I am guessing you have to pay tour parking charges though. If you are parked there, then all you have to do is take an auto rickshaw to Pragati Vihar form the car park, which is quite close by.

What to buy:

Well, books of course. But other than that, you can also buy magazines, various kinds of stationeries, memory storage devices, and this year there was a welcome addition of eBooks. And yes, each exhibition hall also has a cafe, where you can grab a bite and take that welcome break between the long walk you are sure to take, if you are as keen a booklover as I am.

What did I buy? Well, as a Bengali, I was mesmerised by the Vishwabharati stall selling Rabindranath Tagore’s books in both English and Bengali, so I picked up the last piece of Tagore’s Gitanjali, the collection of poems that had won him a Nobel Prize for Literature, way back in 1019. That has been the highlight of my purchase in this year’s event.

The Book Fair:

I love the book fairs. May be because I am originally from Kolkata, and in Kolkata, we have a tradition of visiting the annual Kolkata Book Fair every year, for more than once. I am very nostalgic about the walks I had between the stalls of the booksellers, and the narrow shelves of each stall stacking hordes of both old and new books. When I am in a book fair, it’s my temple of worship, I can walk miles without a thought for my shoe pinching me, or I have to elbow my way into my favourite stalls to browse through the books. Touching the books; being oblivious to people around you and opening a book to read the introduction; managing to brace yourself against the jostle of the surrounding crowds and still feel the calmness, which otherwise only a prayer can give; and feeling as if you have conquered the high mountains when you finally manage to make a purchase; yes, I love each and every step of this journey.

This Year’s Special:

This year I took my 11 year old daughter to the fair, and it gave me such pleasure when she too found that joy which I do at these places. She went almost berserk, looking at books, touching them, cribbing to me because she is thinking I am not buying her enough books! There is nothing so beautiful than seeing the interest in books in your child. So I just let her buy almost anything she put her hands into. Oh yes, she bought a couple of graphic books from campfire, adding to her earlier collection. Campfire is doing a great job of making graphic books out of biographies, and literary works. It is a good way to introduce my child to a new world. Yes, this year’s fair was indeed special.

So if you have missed it this year, do visit next year to let the booklover in you do a tango.

The 4 Best Places To Find Free New Car Reviews And Pricing

Checking out the new car reviews is indeed fascinating, fun as well as informative. You may not need a car or want a car. It is fun just to fantasize about the new cars and trucks and imagining yourself sitting in it, smelling the new leather.

You might have noticed the Chevy ads on TV, wherein a site is mentioned as endorsement of Chevies (as if they NEED any endorsement!). is a premier site for a number of purposes. At this site, you can check the ratings as customers (not manufacturers or sales people) find the car to be on gas mileage, epa emissions, speed, pick up, comfort, and other valued characteristics. New car ratings, comparison charts (and photos), and some of the most entertaining and informative articles are there. One article is a series of writings on the man who went to work as an “undercover” used car and new car salesman. He reveals the gimmicks, the scams, the pressures and the buffoonery that contribute to the new and used car milieus.

Other helpful new car reviews are, such as those done by the reporters at CNN/Money ( who reveal the stats and remarks for the “best new minivan” (Honda Odyssey); “best new car” (Chrysler 300); and “best new sports car” (Corvette – though how could one possible choose between the many bests?); and “best pick-up” (Toyota Tacoma). CNN/Money also gives new car reviews for the Car of the Year and the Truck of the Year – the Chrysler 300 and the Land Rover LR3, respectively. Each of the new car reviews here gets a full-length article devoted to it, one which includes the specs, the stats, and the photos we need to get our excitement roiling – if we need motivation, that is. features many pictures on their site for pricing a car (according to your zip code), and also includes a “research” section, where you can do a car history report search, get financing calculations, have car discussions, or browse the photo albums. And like the Car and Driver Magazine (on and offline), which has all this and more, the site offers used and new car reviews as written by professionals, enthusiasts, and aficionados.

It’s nice to be able to rely on 4 trustworthy sources for history, horse power, and hooplas -whether you will actually buy that car or just collect information and photos you can drool over. For most of us, it is not the act of buying, in this case it requires a lot of money – an difficult decision at many times, but the act of dreaming of driving that newest and hottest car that keeps us most satisfied.

Car Wash Business Plan – 6 Easy Steps to Making a Winning Car Wash Business Plan

Making a car wash business plan is the most important thing that you need to do if you intend to use a bank to fund your new business.

Your business plan should spell out exactly how you are going to use the banks money. Your plans purpose is to show the bank that you are not just a flake who is going to borrow their money and blow it all, plus the focus you gain from making a plan will give your business a much greater chance of success.

Your car wash business plan should include the following 6 steps for a bank to take you serious:

#1 An overview of your business:

This is a mission statement or summary of what your business intends to do. An overall picture of your business. The bank needs this big picture to get a clear image of what your plans are. This overview is just to give an overall feeling about your business and is not meant to go into details. It is just the introduction to get the process started.

#2 Describe your business:

Where is your business going to be located? How big a business are you planning? Are you going to be needing employees? What type of car wash are you going to start?

#3 Marketing plan::

What do you intend to sell and how are you going to go about selling it? Why did you choose a coin operated self serve over having attendants? What is your plan for attracting new customers? Are you in a busy area where you don’t need to advertise, or do you plan on running coupon program or other forms of advertising? How much competition is there in the area?

#4 Management of your new business::

What do you bring to the table? Or are you planning on hiring a manager to take care of your business. What credentials does you or your manager bring to the table? You don’t need previous car wash experience but being able to show management experience in another industry will help to give confidence to the loan manager in charge of your application.

#5 How will day to day operations be handled:

Are you going to need employees or are you going to be self serve? How many employees do you plan on having? A car wash is a cash business so you will have to show the bank what your plans are for how you are going to control the collection of cash and who is going to be responsible for collecting it.

This is where you list the detail of the day to day duties that need to be performed. Being able to list in detail what needs to be done daily will go a long way in giving the bank confidence in giving you the loan.

#6 Future earnings:

If you did all the above steps in detail then the bank has a pretty good idea if they want to give you a loan or not. Now you just need to give them the logical proof they need to accept the emotional decision that they already have made. The bank will want to see if you have have realistic ideas of how much the business is going to make and if your new car wash can cover the cost of interest on the loan you are seeking.

Determining how much you are going to make in the future, at first may seem really difficult. But it doesn’t have to be if you just follow a few really simple steps. One check with industry trade journals. There are magazines that cover the car wash industry and give you good data on what a new car wash can expect to make. Even easier, is just contact car washes that are already established in different cities and ask them how much they made when starting out.

Many established car wash owners would be honored that you asked them for help and will be more than willing to give you tips on your car wash business plan.

Your car wash business plan doesn’t have to be complicated. If you follow the 6 simple steps given above to make your plan, you will find that your bank not only will give you the loan that you are seeking but will gladly look forward to doing business with you on future projects.