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Downsized From Corporate America? 7 Steps To Succeed Big Without Paying A Dime

You worked hard for your money for a decade or two. Maybe three. Suddenly your company
downsized, or you were fired, or your health declined. In any case, you found yourself no longer
employed, yet still have the same bills. Aside from your ego reduced to the size of a molecule, you
feel confused, bitter, and sometimes hopeless.

There is another way to look at it. Though it sounds trite, for certain, this ending is your new
beginning. Now is the time to do just what you wanted to do in the first place with your life. But
wait, you still have the same bills. What about that new German car in the carport? What about
the fact that you have gone green and will only ingest organic foods now? What about wining
and dining clients, friends, and associates?

I am not going to paint a rosy picture of what to expect. A lot of it depends on various factors such as savings, return on your investments, are you a trust-fund baby? Do your friends and family have resources and willing to help?

In my case, none of the above happened. A few friends helped out, but I was terrible at saving money and didn’t know investments from rock climbing.

Here were the steps to starting over from scratch:

1.Downsize Think about selling the suburban home, furniture, and take a modest apartment. I am single and this will not work for everyone. You may decide to keep your house and find another job to pay the notes. I did not have that luxury as my health turned into an official disability. In any case, one’s level of living may decline. Get it in your mind this is not the end of the world. In fact it is a chance to truly show your resourceful/creative self.

2.Budget your life and lifestyle: I made a small office in my apartment and put my computer there. My biggest “luxury” was now cable Internet. I adopted a rescue dog to keep me company and remind me of what was important. I had a living creature for which to care, and I could not take off on a jet any time I had the urge.

3.Research: I studied everything I could about online businesses. Since I happened to be a cartoonist, I found POD (Print On Demand) manufacturers willing to try my images on such products such as t-shirts, mouse pads, buttons, magnets, posters, and other items that people love to purchase on the Internet, mainly because they cannot be found elsewhere and they are considered valuable collectibles by many. I realize not everyone is a cartoonist. Maybe you are a plumber or banker or psychologist. In any case, you now have a skill that can be purveyed as information on the Internet. The Internet is now where people go mostly for information. Long gone are the days of newspaper for their major news source.

4.Research More: Just a little research is not enough. You are embarking on a whole new career journey. Read all the major trade magazines online. Read articles from major online ezines like and and others on your topic. Google “how to launch a newsletter on banking or law or whatever field you were in. You are still in it actually, but now you are simply in it in another form. A purveyor of information. Possibly a creator of goods.

5.Look at POD Printing stores. You can sign up free. You may have slogans, art or both that can be sold on various products. Such companies include Printfection, Zazzle, Cafepress and others.

6.Try making some products and learn about article marketing, blogging, and PPC advertising (pay per click).

7.Write an e-book on what you know and sell it on Clickbank (they specialize in digital products)

There are many other things you can do to stay afloat and stay in the game during this period of time. You may find you never want to go back to “corporate America”. There are now more than
30 million Americans working in home offices according to statistics.

And guess what. These people are the ones creating the most jobs, while the large companies continue to downsize. It might be time to re-evaluate what “security” really is.

The rules are simple: 1. Believe in yourself 2. Organize 3. Act

Buying Used Cars

Many people prefer purchasing a used car, as it often proves to be cheap and inexpensive. The increase in importance and sales of used cars can be attributed to the fact that many people cannot afford to purchase a brand new car. People can purchase used cars through numerous dealers, retail agencies, and individual sellers. It is very important that people conduct enough research before making a purchase decision; buying a used car is considered an important financial decision. Private sales often tend to be a good buy, but customers need to be cautious when buying from an individual. Whenever possible, buyers are advised to deal with a seller they know and trust.

People should take care while purchasing a used car. They should opt for cars having an active warranty period. It is also important to make sure all the relevant documents are available. There are many guides available that people can go through in order to purchase a used car. While purchasing a used car, people are advised to check out the car’s repair record, maintenance costs, safety and mileage rankings in consumer magazines or online.

Used cars can also be purchased from used car superstores. These superstores have a large collection of cars, and customers generally have an access to a computerized database that assists them in making a suitable selection.

Used cars can also be purchased form a number of dealers and agencies. Customers are advised to conducts sufficient inquiries and research in order to locate a reputed supplier.

The numbers of private retailers and agencies that focus on selling used cars have considerably increased over the years. Most of these retailers and agencies can also be easily found online. Most of these used cars are in good condition and are a good investment for many people. Many online sites are also available wherein detailed information is given about the local agencies and dealers selling used cars.

How to Choose the Right Charlotte Limousine

Charlotteans are fun-loving people. They live their life to its fullest, and it reflects in everything they do or own: from their Charlotte limo to their restaurants to their entertainment centers. Talking of the lavish lifestyle I must tell you that the Queen City, as it has been dubbed in the honor of German Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg, has been voted as number 8th city in the United States in 2008 in terms of vibrant lifestyles and opportunities for new businesses. Prevention Magazine also has admired its lifestyle when it gave no.4 ranking to the city in its 2007 study. Self Magazine called it “Five Cities with Big Outdoor Appeal” for its museums like the Mint Museum of Craft + Design, Public Art Walking Tour, and the U.S. National Whitewater center, an outdoor excursion destination near the Queen City.

Places to see on your Charlotte Limo tour

It is on you whether you take a cab to your hotel and then take a Charlotte Limousine from there for the tour around the city, or you call Charlotte Airport car services directly from the airport and get your favorite limo for a ride. Whatever you do, you need to see the following places in Charlotte once you have seated yourself comfortably on the cushiony seat of Charlotte lavish limousine.

The Mint Museum of Art

The Mint Museum of Art is located in a building that was once home of Charlotte Mint, a branch of the United States Mint. It is the first art museum in North Carolina, which became functional in 1936. It has a good collection African art, American art, American decorative arts, American and European ceramics, Asian art, contemporary art, pre-Columbian art, historic costumes and accessories, photography, and historic maps. It performs both permanent and visiting exhibitions.

The Mint Museum of Craft + Design

This museum has a good collection crafts in fiber, metal, glass, clay, and wood. It also showcases artistic furniture and jewelry. It started mesmerizing visitors and inspiring creation of art in 1999. It provides a platform for young artists to gain wisdom from veterans. Cash in on this opportunity to see, feel, and interact with artists in this craft and design museum.

You will miss a great deal of culture if your lavish limousine is not pulled over for you to soak into the richness of The Mint Museum of Art and The Mint Museum of Craft + Design.

But how to find a right Charlotte Limousine?

Do not worry I have some experience in that as well, and will like to share it with you here.

Step 1: Determine your taste

Always remember, not all limo services are made equal, and not all suit to the taste of everyone. That is why there are lots of different types of limo. First, determine kind of limo you will want, number of people accompany you on your trip through Charlotte, and the money you want to spend then go shopping for a Charlotte limo or call Charlotte Airport car services.

Step 2: Research the limo rental company

First make a list of 5-6 companies and conduct a background study to find out the quality of their fleet, and Chauffeur, their services, and their customer service. If none of the companies qualify, make a fresh list. You goal should be to make a list of 3 quality limo service providers that meet your need.

Step 3: Customer feedback

Read reviews about the limo companies you have shortlisted, and if possible get recommendation. You can find quality reviews on net in which reviewers will share their personal experience.

Step 4: Book a limo

Negotiate on the price and book a limo for your tour. Make sure that the limo you booked comes at your place 10-20 minutes before time.

By following these steps, you can separate wheat from chaff, and get the best Charlotte airport limo for your limo tour of the Queen City.