Vintage Car Exhibitions – A Fun Hobby

If you are a true car aficionado, you must surely appreciate cars built in days long gone. I have always thought there is a certain charisma to cars that were built many decades ago that modern cars don’t have. That is not to say that modern cars aren’t beautiful. Old and new cars are both great to drive and look at. In their own way, they both have beauty. I don’t have the financial means to support a large collector car collection of my own, which is too bad. I also wouldn’t know where to store them. Luckily, I can still visit classic car shows to have a look at other people’s cars.

A vintage car exhibition is great fun and you should try one out some time. If you live in or near a large city, then there will be plenty of car show opportunities. Check the newspaper or any other local magazine for organized car shows near you. At one time, a school yard near me was used for a car show. The organizer of the show couldn’t find any other space. So you see, true car lovers can’t be stopped by a lack of display space. But if there are no shows being organized in my local neighborhood, then I’m more than willing to travel a few miles.

Lots of websites on the Internet will give you plenty of info on upcoming automobile exhibitions. It helps to know where and when they are going to be held. Ofcourse, you also want to know what kind of cars will be on display. If the displayed vehicles aren’t your cup of tea, then you might want to skip the show. Not every car show will have an entrance fee, so figure out if yours does. If it does, how high is that price and how long will you have access? You’ll have the most value for money when you leave early so you can stay longer.

Check an automotive magazine to see if they are advertising any classic car displays near you. There are always lots of advertisements in those magazines and some of them will display car show info. But even the magazines don’t always show you everything there is to do in your near vicinity. The best option you have for locating classic car shows, is to ask a collector car owner himself. These enthusiasts always know about every event related to classic cars. The more collectibles he has, the better your chances are of him being able to tell you all about upcoming shows!